snap-on dentures

Sometimes, basic dentures are not enough. 


At Cleveland Smile Center, we use dental implants to stabilize and support your false teeth with snap-on dentures.


Dental function can be compromised with dentures, causing difficulty eating foods that require tearing and heavy chewing. 

For patients looking for a better, more comfortable way to wear a denture, the snap-on denture provides the following advantages:


  • Establishes significant denture stability and retention by snapping the removable denture onto at least two dental implants

  • Implant attachment on the top of the implant is used to create a snapping mechanism, which is strong enough to keep the denture in position during chewing

  • Relatively easy removal of the denture for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Interested in finding out more about snap-on denture treatment near you?

Quoting costs without an in-person evaluation of all these factors could be misleading—and a disservice to patients. At Cleveland Smile Center, we want our patients to have an accurate price, so we offer a free, no obligation consultation with an implant dentist so we can created a detailed cost and plan.


Snap-On Dentures

$9,600 – 14,997