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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Offered at Cleveland Smile Center


Porcelain veneers

You no longer need to hide your smile because of gaps, chips, stains, or misshapen teeth.


With veneers, you can easily achieve the smile that you have always desired!

Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made facings designed to cover the front side of your teeth.


To prepare for veneers, your doctor will create a unique model of your teeth will go through the following process:

  • the dentist will create a unique model of your teeth

  • the model is digitally sent to our dental laboratory 

  • your veneers are skillfully crafted to your customized preferences

Before placing your new veneer, your doctor may need to conservatively prepare your tooth to achieve the desired aesthetic result.


Want to look your best with Porcelain Veneers? Contact the Cleveland Smile Dental team or call the Aurora office at 330-954-1000 or Cuyahoga Falls Office at 330-633-6420.



At Cleveland Smile Center, we see patients with cracked, worn teeth, or teeth damaged by tooth decay.


We recommend placing dental crowns to strengthen the tooth or to improve its shape.

This cosmetic restoration covers the visible portion of the broken tooth, matching the color and shape of the surrounding teeth. That means the crown must look and feel like a natural tooth.


Porcelain crowns offer patients exceptional esthetics and a long-lasting restoration they can feel good about.

We also recommend dental crowns in other situations, such as to hold a dental bridge in place or to cover a dental implant. No matter why you need a dental crown, we’ll make sure this simple procedure restores function and improves your smile.

Find our more about Dental Crowns Contact the Cleveland Smile Dental team.

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When do you need a Bridge?


A Bridge is a great option for single tooth replacement after a tooth has been lost, removed, or when a dental implant is not possible due to bone loss or lack of space.


Once placed, a bridge can restore patients’ smiles and improve their ability to chew and speak.


These fixed restorations also:

  • alleviate stress on the bite

  • allow patients to maintain their face shape

  • help prevent teeth from drifting out of position


We place dental bridges made of porcelain, gold and alloys, as well as a combination of these materials.


The doctor will bond the structure onto surrounding teeth for support, giving you a beautiful, pain-free smile that will stand the test of time.

Do you want to learning more about Bridges? Contact the Cleveland Smile Dental team.


Getting the whiter smile that you deserve may be easier (and more affordable) than you think!


We offer two effective methods of whitening.

One-hour whitening.

This procedure is done in our office. Our GLO Science Professional one-hour whitening is both fast and incredibly effective WITHOUT causing SENSITIVITY. You can achieve outstanding results with just one appointment.

Take-home whitening.

This whitening option is the less expensive, because you can do most of the work yourself without having to come to the dental office. By following our careful instructions, you're able to bleach until your teeth are the whiteness you want. We also provide extra gel that you can use to "touch up" as time passes, maintaining beautiful white teeth at all times. 

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Bonding is a conservative way to repair slightly chipped, stained or damaged teeth.


During dental bonding, a white filling is placed onto your tooth to improve its appearance.  The filling “bonds” with your tooth, and because it comes in a variety of tooth-colored shades, it closely matches the appearance of your natural teeth.

Bonding is more affordable than other cosmetic treatments, and can usually be completed in one visit to our office.


However, bonding can stain and is easier to break than more permanent cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers. If it does break or chip, tell your doctor. The bonding can generally be easily patched or repaired in one visit.

Interested in learning more about Bonding? Contact the Cleveland Smile Dental team or call the Aurora office at 330-954-1000 or Cuyahoga Falls Office at 330-633-6420.


Gum contouring


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The gums surrounding the teeth form a stark contrast to the white teeth, framing their appearance.

Sometimes specific areas of the gum detract from a pleasant smile. The scalloped flow may be uneven, sitting too high around certain teeth. Areas of thick gum tissue, usually between our two front teeth, can even force our teeth apart and create a space between the teeth called a diastema.

Gum contouring helps with several areas including:


  • Gums flow around the neck of each tooth in a scalloped fashion, dipping naturally around the front and back to expose the fullness of each one.

  • Texture, thickness, height, and color tone all influence the appearance of the gums serving their vital supporting role. 

Just as a piece of art benefits from reframing, gums can gently be contoured to complement the smile. Fortunately, laser technology often makes this procedure quick, painless, and dramatic. The results can be observed immediately and within a few days your gums look perfectly natural. In some cases, more extensive contouring may be discussed.

Interested in learning more about Gum Contouring? Contact the Cleveland Smile Dental team.

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